Day 3 was a grand finale of the Embedded World 2012.


The last day of Embedded World 2012 was student’s day. Free entrance tickets to young people who study engineering is really a great initiative from the organizers. It was very inspiring to us to have a chance to talk to them in person and find out how they imagine their future jobs and what tools they use currently in their projects. While Nebojsa had important meetings the whole day, we had two hours to browse through the exhibition and see what this year’s exhibitors offered. We caught on tape only pieces of the atmosphere, so you can have a tiny glance of how it all looked like. It was really a great show, and we are very satisfied with our results. If we have more time to organize, next year we might have a big mikroElektronika booth with some really cool stuff. Goodbye Nuremberg, we miss your beer and beef stakes already 🙂

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