Day 1 was full of meetings with old friends and important people.

Day 1 of Embedded World was a real blast! We had several meetings with important people, but most of them were not behind camera, so you’ll only see bits and pieces of this magnificent day. We had guys from Microchip, some large distribution companies, partners from ARM and Texas Instruments. Our old friend Lucio di Jasio From Microchip had an hour of free time and stopped by to have a creative brainstorming with us. We just love those moments. We had so much conversations. Most of them were under NDAs, so we can’t share a lot, but you’re gonna be thrilled with some cool and exciting things that are yet to come. After exhibition ended at 6PM, we were so exhausted, but happy and wearing a smile on our faces. A successful day ended with a nice dinner with friends and lots of great German Beer. Tomorrow is going to be even more thrilling. We’ll try to have ti as much as possible on our video blog.

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