Next Monday and Tuesday (November 2 and 3) we’re participating at the Job Fair at Belgrade’s Technical faculties building. Our own Richard Lowe will host a workshop.

Job Fair is a student-organized fair held every year at the Technical Faculties building in Belgrade – the same building where the Belgrade School of Electrical Engineering is located, the institution from which the majority of our engineers graduated.

It’s a manifestation that brings employers and students together. Companies participate in order to attract talent, students visit because they’re interested in options to start their careers.

Our own Richard Lowe will hold a workshop where he’ll talk about career prospects in the field of Embedded Engineering. It starts at noon on November 2 (apparently, we’re sharing the slot with another company whose name starts with Mikro, except theirs is spelled with a “C” instead of a “K”)

At our stand at the Fair we will mainly promote our Intern’s Lab. It’s a starting point from which many of our junior developers started their careers.

Yours sincerely,

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