mikroElektronika is participating as an exhibitor at Microchip Masters 2011 conference, from 24-27th of August 2011. at Phoenix Arizona.

We had fun all the way, from Belgrade to Phoenix, tasting coffee at Budapest, beer at Heathrow and sushi at Phoenix. Believe it or not, we are a fans of airplane food, so oversea flights give us no trouble. We eat and sleep for 12 hours with no problems 🙂

Phoenix is a lovely city, with few skyscrapers, and the rest of being private homes and hotels. Nice roads and hot weather are the highlights of Phoenix in the first few hours. We are at the JW Marriott hotel, one of the finest in Phoenix, with lots of interesting contents for visitors. It’s huge and beautiful and worth to visit.

Since conference starts on 24th, we had a chance to try getting over the jet lag with couple of beers and taccos at a local bar. We also got a great coctail, especially made for mikroElektronika. We don’t quite know what was in there, but it tasted cool: energetic, sexy, creative and refreshing. Just like mikroElektronika.

We’ll be posting every day, as soon as we find the appropriate European-to-American converters of power supply connectors. Otherwise, we will be forced to get new laptops here 🙂

MikroElektronika at Microchip Masters 2011
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