Everybody kept asking: “So how did it end? The conference?”, because we didn’t blog about the last two days. So here it is. The last night was poker night, so we visited the hall where Texas Holdem was being played on several tables. Others were playing PS3 and Xbox outside. It was crowdy, but interesting. We had meeting with Mr. Dieter Peter from Microchip, and had couple of beers with friends the next day. We also had a brunch with some of our other friends from Microchip, and just hanged at the hotel the rest of the day, getting little well deserved rest. Following morning we were off to the airport where we met with Bryan Pape, the inventor of Alien Cortex (now Cyber Cortex), and who is going to use mikroBasic for his development. The trip home went fine. We traveled for 24 hours, and jet lag is killing us. We were close to Irene Hurricane, but kept the safe distance. Of course we went to work the next day, what did you expect? :)))

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