On November 23th 2011. mikroElektronika participated in one-day seminar in Budapest organized by our Hugarian distributor ChipCAD.

Mr. Tamas, the owner and manager of ChipCAD, gave us a very warm welcome and we are very pleased with the organization and our presentation. This year presenters were four companies: Microchip, mikroElektronika, Quecktel and Digiland.



This video is a short 3 minute overview of our 90 minute presentation. Most attendees were from high-schools, universities and local private companies. Mr. Nebojsa, our General Manager, presented the company philosophy, Marko explained our hardware products, and Aleksandar showed our compilers and additional software. We also met an old friend from Microchip who held the presentation just before us, and we took some half an hour to rush through the shopping mall which hosted the seminars, and headed home to Belgrade.

The next day, Mr. Tamas sent us the results of the survey that every seminar participant filled in the end, and mikroElektronika had the highest score of all companies: there were 105 attendees and MikroElektronika presentation exceeded the expectation in 77% of the audience and just met the remaining 23%, which is quite an impressive result.

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