Way back in 2011 the MikroElektronika team went to their first MASTERs conference in Phoenix, Arizona. At that time we had only one click board in our range. Travel to the present and more than 300 click boards™ are in the shop.

This year’s Microchip MASTERs conference started on August 16. It’s the 21st year that this conference is taking place, and we are happy to say each new trip brings us invaluable knowledge, contacts, and ideas.

The participants of the conference can choose from over 110 lectures and classes. Or visit exhibitor booths and learn more about different products and services.

What’s the Mikroe team up to?

So what is our wonderful team up to in sunny Phoenix? Well, they are trying to balance out meetings with sightseeing.

In the right image below you can see DJ, our CBDO, taking the time to make some photographs, which we will post in the second part of this blog post. So, stay tuned for some amazing images.

mikroBUS™ and bright red PCB

In 2011 we had a booth at the conference where we presented our products. With one click board and the idea of the range in its infancy, we were happy to show people our vision. Six years and 300 click boards later there is a whole range of Microchip development boards that support our mikroBUS™ socket.

The Curiosity Development Boards are the perfect platform for 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit PIC MCUs. Each one has either one or two mikroBUS™ sockets so that you can add different functionalities.

For more information about the MASTERs conference, see the official page.

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