It has been exactly one month since mikroC PRO for PIC32’s First Led Blinking. But lot has happened since then. We have developed about a dozen libraries, one of which is TFT library. We are being extra cautious to have function prototypes the same as for PIC and dsPIC compilers, and therefore have the highest possible backward compatibility.

Probably the first question everyone is asking is

How Fast is PIC32 compared to dsPIC33?

Well, we asked this question too, so we did a little experiment. Remember the Matrix Code example written for mikroMMB for dsPIC33? With a few initialization changes we ported the code easily for PIC32, running on LV-32MX v6. We hereby present you with the first results of how fast PIC32 is, running at 80MHz compared to dsPIC33 running at the same Fosc.

Judging by the time needed for one “sentance” to be written from top to bottom of a column, we estimated that PIC32 is about 2 times faster than dsPIC33, running at the same clock speed. That’s impressive! Imagine what you could do with almost 80 MIPS power!

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