New mikroC PRO for PIC 4.50 beta compiler has been released. We have worked hard on correcting reported bugs and expanded our support to 17 new micocontrollers. But most of all, we have equipped our mikroC PRO for PIC compiler with three powerful new libraries: TFT library, TFT Touch Panel Library and Epson S1D13700 Graphic Lcd Library. They are rich with features, and we are sure you will enjoy using many available functions. You will be able to draw graphic elements of different sorts, and with TFT library you will be able to use gradients and encode JPG images. But most of all, you will be able to use excellent features of upcoming Visual TFT software. Creating colorful and rich GUIs will be a pleasurable and fun experience. You will be very pleased with the new beta.

mikroC PRO for PIC 4.50beta released
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