After successful beta period, and great feedback from our AVR community, we are proud to present you with mikroC PRO for AVR v4.60 compiler.

We have been listening to your reports and we have corrected every bug you pointed us at. We have added extra functionality and did fine-tunings on every corner. Compiler now supports 9 new MCUs. Besides making compiler more stable than ever before, we have introduces several wonderful features:

TFT library accompanied by TFT Touch Panel library is now tested and stable. We are very glad to be able to provide you with a great tool for easy manipulation of graphic content on popular TFT displays, with flexible and accurate Touch Panel functions. We have officially opened a path to upcoming Visual TFT software which can help you utilize the full potential of TFT displays in your embedded device.

We have introduced new mikroBootloader application which supports all AVR MCUs. You will be able to upload new firmware into your devices without the need for expensive external programmers. It relies on improved Flash Library which can now write to flash as well.

We would like to thank all of you who helped, and we encourage you to keep reporting bugs, sending suggestions and actively participate in following period. Together we can always build a better compiler.

mikroC PRO for AVR 4.60 released
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