Version 3.5.0 of mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal compilers are now available, adding support for 39 new MCUs and some handy new features.

mikroC, mikroBasic, and mikroPascal for PIC32 version 3.5.0

PIC32 compilers now support 39 new PIC32MX MCUs, but the real star of this new release is the little asterisk symbol — “*”. You can now use it as a wild card in code completion. For example, if you type *can and hit ctrl+space, you’ll get a complete list of identifiers that include CAN anywhere in their name.

Sometimes you’ll get a huge list of identifiers and you’ll want to narrow down the selection even further. No problem. Use multiple asterisks, like so: *phrase*phrase2.

You can see how this can save you a ton of time — you’ll be able to quickly hunt down the identifier you need in just a few tries, instead of digging through data sheets and help files while it’s getting dark outside.

So that’s one thing.

Another new convenience is that you can drag and drop functions directly into the editor (and the hint on function will pop up automatically).

Making your coding experience even smoother, new files are now automatically added to the project, and you can rename them directly from the project manager.

Finally, you’ll notice two new back and forward arrows in the toolbar. It’s a quick way to navigate across files, bookmarks, breakpoints and so on. Unlike Undo and Redo buttons, the back and forward buttons won’t touch anything you’ve actually typed, they just retrace your steps inside the IDE.

And as we do every time, there’s a host of other minor fixes and improvements. To see them all, along with the list of new supported MCUs, visit the specification tab for your compiler, mikroC, mikroBasic or mikroPascal, and scroll down to see the complete list of full release changes.

The new version of mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal for PIC32 compilers has been anticipated for a long time, so now that it’s finally here, don’t waste a second. Download the new version right away.

Yours sincerely,

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