Vendors make new chips then we rush to support them in our compiler — it’s an ARM’s race. Our software department looked like a war room in these past few days, everyone in haste to get everything in order for the D-Day. And here it is, mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal for ARM version 4.5.0 is out, adding support for 151 new MCUs (for a total of 759)

ARM compilers version 4.5.0

While the previous ARM update was Tiva focused, this one adds support for new STM32s. There are ARM Cortex-M0, M0+, M3 and M4 among the 151 newly supported STM32 MCUs. Included are MCUs from the ultralow power L0 and L1 series, the high performance F4 series, as well as the so-called mainstream F0 and F3 series.

But that isn’t to say that Tiva C Series is neglected. The release incorporates examples for the EasyMx for Tiva C Series development board, and for mikromedia for Tiva C Series.

New libraries and functions are also added. Namely, NVIC_SetIntPriority function for STM MCUs, and an EEPROM library for TIVA.

Some issues and minor bugs from previous releases are also fixed. For details, visit the page of your preferred ARM compiler, mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal.

Yours sincerely,

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