Curiosity and mikroBUS

According to psychologists around the world, red is the color that motivates you to take action the most. Looking at the eight Curiosity Development Boards from Microchip and their bright red PCB, no one could resist starting an ambitious project right away. Each one has either one or two mikroBUS™ sockets.

Curious about the Curiosity boards?

These boards are 8-bit,16-bit and 32-bit PIC® MCU centered development platforms which you can expand with more than 300 of our click boards™.

Just think, Microchip made click board™ libraries for the MPLAB® Code Configurator. They began adding click libraries in March this year, during their 50 clicks in 50 days campaign. Every week was dedicated to a different click category, from sensors to motor control.

So, you can jump right in and start a project with your favorite click boards and one of the Curiosity boards.

Our click board™ range is growing every day. Any functionality that might cross your mind is in our shop. A click board that detects thunder, another one that measures the level of CO2 in the air, or a click that regulates LED blinking and more.

For more information about the mikroBUS™ standard, see the official page.

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