After some community feedback we’re bringing back the mikroBUS™ cape for BeagleBone Black, the one with four sockets.


Seems like this Beagle is strong enough to pull a sled with four passengers so why not take advantage of it. After all, a click board four-seater will dramatically increase the number of possible click board combinations.

The new mikroBUS™ cape is an improvement to the one previously offered by Tigal. To use the most of Beaglebone’s pinout we made some of the mikroBUS™ pins configurable. Using onboard jumpers, you can turn analog pins into digital on each mikroBUS™ socket separately, and you can choose whether to enable UART pins on the first socket or SPI pins on the third (whereas on the previous mikroBUS™ cape those pins were left unused).

The headers are presoldered, so it’s plug and play. Details are on the product page.

Yours sincerely,

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