Pattern Agents, a third party developer, sells a CPM mikroBUS adaptor that lets you connect two click boards to PSoC® development kits.

mikroBUS adapter for PSoC dev kits

Our PSoC®-related products are for multimedia developers mainly. We offer a mikromedia for PSoC® 5LP and a mikroProg programmer to go with it, or—if you already own a PSoC® dev. kit—a TFT expansion board.

However, if you’re not doing multimedia development with PSoC®, but still want the easy hardware expandability that click boards offer, you should consider CPM mikroBUS adaptor from Pattern Agents.

It has two mikroBUS™ sockets and it’s compatible with at least five different PSoC® dev kits. See the link for the list.

mikroBUS™ is definitely gaining traction.

Other than our own efforts to bring it to Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Launchpad communities, independent developers are also picking it up:

Besides Pattern Agents, there’s the team bringing together mikroBUS™ and Microsoft’s framework. They currently have drivers for more than 20 clicks, adding more all the time.

Then there’s FlowPaw, yet to be in retail, but the DSPRobotics team is steadily adding support for new click boards for their Flowstone software.

We also recently wrote about the Domotique-info team that’s developing a system for connecting click boards with home automation controllers.

On and on.

Remember, we made mikroBUS™ an open standard. You are free to expand the list of click board-compatible hardware by adding mikroBUS™ sockets to your own design, as long as you put the mikroBUS™ logo on the silkscreen; you can see the specific requirements on this page.

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