We are now accepting requests to customize mikroBootloader, our software & firmware suite for programming MCUs.


In our quest to make programming MCUs as simple as possible, some years ago we started shipping many of our boards with pre-installed USB-HID bootloaders. This meant that you can develop and test your firmware without needing an external programmer.

A segment of our customers use our boards beyond the prototyping phase, as OEM parts. Many keep the bootloader to flash and upgrade the firmware. In some cases, however, the bootloader’s default software & firmware doesn’t fulfil some requirements. For example, many have asked us to modify the mikroBootloader PC app to remove the MikroE branding.

We decided to open up to these kinds of requests. Not just for rebranding. We will take all kinds of requests into consideration. If you have an idea, contact us through the form on the mikroBootloader web page. We will come back with a quote.

Of course, the default version of mikroBootloader will remain freely available. Compiler license owners even have access to the source code of the bootloader firmware for specific chips.

If you are new to all this, Corey Lackey, our engineer who writes tutorials, just published a step by step walkthrough on how to use the mikroBootloader.

Yours sincerely,

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