Microwave click is available in the shop! As well as the newest episode of our click per minute series. Watch the video, and find out what is our team up to this time.

Now, the good thing is that you can see how the click board™ looks like on the banner. Otherwise, you would just imagine a huge white microwave oven, preparing your popcorn. The product we are offering today is much cooler.

Microwave click

Microwave click carries the PD-V11 microwave motion sensor that picks up the waves reflected from an object and converts them to a voltage signal.

Our new click will be perfect for any application that requires motion detection: for alarm systems, driver-assist technologies, robotics, etc.

Popcorn and Joan Collins

Back in the day, when microwave ovens were all the rage, Joan Collins did a commercial for one. Since not knowing how to cook was considered fashionable, you get to see the Dynasty actress standing in front of a microwave oven in a ball gown.

Our video series is less glamorous than that, but more fun. You can watch every episode here.

For more information about Microwave click, visit the product page.

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