Microcontroller-projects.com sounds like a potentially expensive piece of internet real estate, at least on the cyber continent that’s concerned with electronics. The owner figured the best way to use it — blog about mikroC for PIC and click boards!

click boards on microcontroller-projects.com

Electronics engineer Teodor Costachioiu from Bucharest started his microcontroller projects blog in October last year. What brought the site to our radars is a post titled “PIC compilers: A love-hate relationship.”

In the article, Teodor writes about his experience with various PIC compilers, comparing the offerings to what’s available to Arduino users for example. We’re glad to report that mikroC PIC falls within the love part of this relationship. Read the post to see the author’s arguments — but that’s not all.

As the name of the blog implies, Teodor also writes about specific projects, some of which involve click boards. For now, two tutorials for interfacing click boards with Arduino are posted on the site.

The first one features an Arduino paired with a Thunder click (with an Arduino Uno click shield in between). The tutorial contains generous code comments, making it easy to understand.

The other project uses UV click and Color click together with an Arduino Mega clone. Googling is an important programming skill these days, and Teodor makes full use of it. He found the Arduino code for the sensor on Color click on Github. But then he did a great job explaining how everything works (including the underlying mathematical calculations). Generous code comments also included.

It’s still a young blog so we are expecting more to come. From another post we learned that, in addition to the ones he already used, Teodor owns six more click boards.

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