Lastest development board from Microchip’s 8-bit division is the first (but not the last) to support click boards.

Microchip Curiosity

We have been partners with Microchip’s 8-bit division since MikroElektronika was just a “garage band”. Our top seller EasyPIC v7 is the love child of this relationship. Even now our hearts often tick a bit faster when we say “PIC”.

Curiosity is a truly unique board, starting from an engaging name, to the vast number of modules it supports. It is conceived with a purpose to be the kit for makers and engineers who develop their projects based on modern PIC16 extremely low-power microcontrollers with Core Independent Peripherals. Curiosity features mTouch button, analog potentiometer, and physical switches, but also soldering pads for Microchip’s RN4020 BLE module, the same one you can find on BLE2 click. Just snap a click sensor into the mikroBUS socket and Curiosity can become your IoT “thing”, or node. You will be able to see Curiosity running interesting click board examples developed using Microchip’s Code Configurator Tool next month at MASTERs conference in Phoenix Arizona. You might bump at our CEO or CBDO in the hallways of the Marriott Hotel if you’re visiting the event.

With the new Curiosity board from Microchip Technology, we are seeing the first signs that click boards might just become one of the major add-on board standards in the industry.

Yours sincerely,

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