Tea, lunch, and a mikromedia for PIC32.

Glyn and Microchip workshops

A call for all PIC32 enthusiasts from Auckland (14 October), Melbourne (27 October), or Sydney (29 October). Microchip is hosting a series of workshops titled “Creating TFT Colour Graphics Applications using MPLAB® Harmony and PIC32“.

The workshops combine theoretical lectures and hands-on exercises. Microchip presenters will give a detailed overview of MPLAB Harmony Framework and the Microchip Harmony Graphics Library. They will also go over fundamentals of graphics. Participants will then create graphic applications on a mikromedia for PIC32.

There will also be a giveaway of mikroProg for PIC programmers.

Prior experience with MPLAB® X IDE and C programming is a prerequisite. Also, participants are required to bring a laptop with MPLAB X v3.06+, XC32 v1.40+, and MPLAB Harmony Software Framework v1.05+.

Spots are limited. For more information visit Microchip’s registration page.

Yours sincerely,

note on corrections: a previous version of this post erroneously mentioned Glyn Australia as a co-organizer of the workshops, when in fact, Microchip is the sole organizer and host.

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