We’re a week away from Embedded World 2015. So far we covered the What and Where of this year’s exhibition, but we haven’t said a word about who’s going to be in our line-up. Meet these three charming MikroE ladies.

Embedded World 2015

Some of you know them from emails or from our Sales chat. From left to right: Sonja, Marijana and Srna.

Sonja is a MikroE freshman. Starting as an intern in our Lab, she showed her ambition early on by taking on two projects at once (one related to coding, the other to sales). After a stint at our reception desk, she is now a reliable member of our Sales staff, chiefly responsible for software license issues.

In the middle is Marijana. With us from way back, she started her MikroE career as a translator in our publishing department. You can still find some manuals written in Swedish if you dig deep enough around our site. Over the years Marijana graduated to being our Chief of Sales. She carries a huge workload, being responsible for customer happiness and relations with our network of worldwide distributors. She’s also a mom. Marijana is notorious around here for getting by on very little sleep — just four hours a night, like Nikola Tesla.

Finally the blonde on the right is Srna (which means deer in Serbian). She will be the most experienced of the three at Embedded World, having been at our booth last year. If you’ve ever used the Sales chat feature on our site, you’ve most likely talked to Srna. She is a fast typist who spends her days trying to make our customers happy (for a time she even provided technical support). Srna also sets an example by commuting by bicycle to work (a habit she picked up while living in Denmark for a short time). And she speaks Danish, occasionally conversing with Marijana (apparently Danish and Swedish are mutually intelligible.)

So, now you can put the names to the faces you’ll see at Embedded World, or put the faces to the names if you’ve been exchanging emails with them.

Sonja, Marijana and Srna are not our entire line-up at Embedded World. Not to list everybody’s Bio here, best to chat with us at the fair. And don’t forget to say hi to Ivan who will be at FTDI Chip’s booth, where you’ll have a chance to win a free compiler and clicker 2 combo for FT90x (which would put you in the club of early adopters).

Yours sincerely,

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