Help Flip & click continue its winning streak on Atmel’s MCU Madness battle of the boards.

MCU Madness Battle of the boards

Update: Round of 16 currently under way! Flip & click vs Creator CI40, a mikroBUS™ derby.Vote here.

In the spirit of the March Madness Men’s College basketball tournament held at this time of year in the US, Atmel started an alternative competition – MCU Madness.

The battle of the boards, as Atmel calls it, had 128 development platforms pitted against each other in a bracketed single elimination tournament. Every day, Atmel posts a pair of boards on Twitter with the hashtag #MCUmadness, and the winner is determined by people’s votes.

So far, Flip & click had two easy victories and made it to the third round of the competition, with 32 boards left. In the next round, it will square off against ZeroPi. Watch out for it on Twitter and cast a vote to help us win.

If we make it, the next round will pose a serious challenge as we will probably meet Intel Edison.

No doubt, the recent addition of Zerynth and Python had an impact on Flip & click’s performance.

Kudos to Atmel for coming up with this fun competition. Follow it closely and you may discover interesting new boards you haven’t been aware of earlier.

Yours sincerely,

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