All USA cars produced after 2008 and most European cars produced after 2003 use CAN as the communication protocol for the electronics inside. MCP25625 click is a standalone solution for prototyping with CAN for yourself.

MCP25625 click

As grows, you get more resources with each click board release. MCP25625 click, for example, has two tutorials to back it up. One is a general introduction to CAN – quoted in the intro to this post – and the other is a more detailed overview of this board and the accompanying library.

MCP25625 is a standalone CAN controller that operates at speeds of up to 1Mb/s. That number makes it compatible with relevant automotive standards.

But when it comes to click board™ standards, this board surpasses it with a plethora of additional pins and ports and connectors that allow you to make full use of the onboard IC while offloading the work that needs to be done by the host MCU. Of course, this is because the MCP25625 has a lot to offer. We even named the click after it, something which we almost never do.

Do you want to know what makes it so special? Study the product page to see what we did. But most importantly, consult the Learn page as it has much more information, including the complete library. Otherwise you can download it on Libstock.


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