Continuing with our series of clicks with CAN and LIN Microchip chips. This one is bringing you the best of CAN and UART.

Our click boards are rarely christened after the chip that carries the functionality. We made an exception in case of Microchip’s CAN and LIN controllers and transceivers.

The first was the MCP 25625 click, a CAN controller + transceiver integrated into one chip.

This was followed up by MCP2003B click which is a bi-directional LIN transceiver.

Finally, today we have a CAN transceiver click board with a chip that’s compliant with CAN FD (flexible data rates). It’s optimized for longer bus lenghts and for speed (up to 8 Mbps).

According to our engineers, this chip can be seen as a mix of CAN and UART that brings you the benefits of both. It’s simple to use. Everything sent through the UART bus will be forwarded to the CAN bus and vice versa. Read the entire tutorial on

For other details, visit the product page. All the data sheets and schematics are available on the Docs page.


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