A non-inverting buck-boost voltage regulator – MCP16331 click is in the shop, and our Halloween offer is still on. Get the click board™ with a 13% discount.

Buck-boost voltage regulator

A buck-boost converter is a type of a DC-to-DC converter used to efficiently produce a regulated output voltage which is either greater or lesser than the input voltage. A common use for a buck-boost converter is a battery-powered system, where the input voltage can vary, starting at full charge and gradually decreasing as the battery charge is used up.

click per minute

Along with this release, we have a new video in the click per minute series. This time you get to see Bilja and Voja using the MCP16331 click to regulate lighting.

Check out the whole playlist, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

For more information about the MCP16331 click, see the product page.

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