Only last week our software team released the AVR compilers (v7.00), with integrated Visual TFT. And the next minute they transferred on to the task of updating and improving ARM and PIC32 compilers. Like role models for productivity. Find out precisely what has been done so far.

ARM compilers

The release date for the ARM compilers is pretty close now – June 1. You will be able to begin the month with the version 5.1.0.

Hardware debugging improvements have been done for faster debugging from the IDE.

Video material and step by step instructions are prepared for the FreeRTOS, leading you from a blank project towards more complex tasks. You just need to wait until this month is over to see how the video looks like.

Also, freeRTOS is tested on STM, TIVA, and Kinetis.

PIC32 compilers

For the PIC32 compilers, let’s begin with the supported microcontrollers. More than 50 MCUs are going to be supported in the new version of the compilers. You can see the full list on the roadmap page.

The debugging support for all these new microcontrollers is now in the testing phase.

The release date for the PIC32 compilers is July 13.

Keep yourself updated on all our compilers by visiting the Roadmap pages. The Project log on each page reports the latest release changes.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome, so post them here.

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