Blink a thousand LEDs at once with Matrix RGB click, a board designed to drive 16×32 RGB LED matrices – the building blocks of those big animated billboards that light up the night in big cities.

Matrix RGB click

One of the earliest click boards were the 8×8 LED matrices. Those are still very popular. Since people like them so much we wanted to take the concept a step further. So we designed Matrix RGB click, allowing you to drive matrices of thousands and thousands of LEDs.

The board carries a FT900 MCU with special firmware and a 16-wire IDC connector for attaching a 16×32 RGB LED panel.

Multiple panels can be joined together into a daisy-chain configuration. For starters, we are selling 32×32 panels, which are two 16×32 matrices joined together. But you can connect more.

Beside the practical applications, these are plain fun. Very bright and responsive.

In our example we recreated Breakout, the classic brick-destroying game that supposedly Steve Jobs designed (at least that’s how its told in the Ashton Kutcher movie).

We recommend that you get the bundle right away (the click, the panel, and an adequate power supply). Later on you can add more panels.

Libstock has the code running in the video above. The Learn article goes into more detail on how to set it up.

As always, read the product page has all the details, including info on the various bundles available.


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