Flip & click will start shipping any day now. While we’re waiting, here’s another Arduino-related project from the Microcontroller projects blog, a sequel to the DMX controller tutorial we shared earlier.

Arduino UNO click shield DMX Master and Slave

This tutorial shows you how to to implement a slave DMX node with an Arduino Uno, the matching shield, and a few click boards.

DMX is a digital protocol used for controlling lighting equipment in theaters, concert stages and similar venues. Here it’s employed with a RS-485 click and a 4×4 RGB LED click.

But aside from the specifics, this project is a great example of how you can leverage the wealth of existing Arduino libraries with click boards. The code presented here relies on an open source DMX library as well as on the Adafruit Neopixel library.

If you are interested in DMX in particular, be sure to read about the Elektor reader who created a DMX controller with 16 outputs using a MINI-32.

We also have an App-lighting click pack that you can use to design a DMX512 controller.

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