click manuals go digital

Manuals for older click boards are becoming digital.

If you have been browsing our page lately you might have seen that we converted manuals for some older click boards to the digital format. More are coming up. The goal is to have the complete collection of manuals for all boards available.

To make it easier to browse the growing number of manuals, we have unified separate product categories into one long indexed list. The thinking is, if you need a manual, you already know the name of the product. So a single list is the easiest way to find it.

Also, from now on pages will have some additional content. Even though we supply detailed instructions for using click board libraries, sometimes there is some crucial piece of information that will save you time if you knew it in advance. This type of info will be in the docs. See the docs page for OLED Switch click for the latest example.

To quote the recent Nobel Prize winner for literature, we keep on keepin’ on. Bringing you one improvement at a time.

Yours sincerely,

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