click and a digital theremin

We have another interesting project from the high school students from Pozega, who made the Buggy project last year. This time they turned to music and made a digital Theremin.

The digital Theremin was presented at the Science Fair in Belgrade, under the name “Music of a new age”.

Digital Theremin

This Theremin is composed of two probes connected to an application, that processes the information. Each probe is made of one IR distance click, an MCU (PIC18f45k22) and a USB UART click for serial communication with a computer.

The two IR distance click boards™ are the fun part of this device – they are infra-red light sensors that detect the distance between the probes and the hands of the person using the Theremin. The MCU calculates that data and sends it to the computer over UART.

The processing app on the computer generates a sound of a certain frequency and amplitude.

By moving the hand over the right probe we change the frequency, and by moving the hand above the left probe we change the amplitude.

Take a look at the video to see it in action.

IR distance click

The measuring range of the IR distance click is between 10cm and 150cm. Even though a digital Theremin seems like the most fun way to use it, you can also use it in robotics, energy saving devices, touchless switches, etc.

IR distance click

Check out the product page for more information.

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