Flip & click introduced at Maker Faire Rome

Flip n click

Almost every other person we talked to at the first day of Maker Faire Rome is an Arduino fan, or at least has experience with it. They all agree that as soon as you want to combine multiple shields to expand your project, you start getting headaches – pin collisions, power supply issues.

Then we show them the Flip & click, and it’s like aspirin.

Flip & click is Arduino’s two-sided cousin. On one side it’s an Arduino. It carries a 32-bit ARM® Cortex® AT91SAM3X8E MCU like an Arduino Due, it has the pinout of an Uno, and you can program it in the Arduino IDE. The surprise comes when you flip it.

On the other side you get four sockets four click boards™. At our stand at Maker Faire Rome, we showcased a few Flip & click demos to illustrate the concept to people. A cooking controller, a breathalyser, a weather station.

flip n click

“click boards™ are like shields for your Arduino, only smaller so you can fit four with no problems,” we tell people. They nod their head, like “cool”, and then we reveal the real kicker: there’s more than 160 of these clicks to pick from. And then people go “wow”. 90% percent of the time we get that surprised reaction.

Flip & click is a hit in Arduino’s birthplace. Show it to your Arduino friends and they’re sure to get excited. If you help us spread the word about it, by tweeting about it while including #MFR15 and @mikroel – we may send you one for free out of appreciation. We can do one per day, because we made a limited run just in time for Maker Faire (it’s still not available for sale).

If you happen to be at the Faire, drop by stand G32, fill out a simple form and you stand a chance to win one of five we give away each day.

flip n click

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