A report from the field, day ahead of #MFR15

Some sight-seeing

Roman Forum

All roads lead to Rome, but once you get there, the traffic is terrible. Whenever contemporary city authorities try digging for new roads and tunnels to ease off congestion, workers stumble upon Ancient Roman wares; maybe a piece of a legionare’s armor here, or a fragment of a column there. At that point, construction is called off. To keep the ruins intact, city officials choose to ruin the nerves of drivers.

So here’s a pro tip. Do your sight-seeing late at night, for a much better, crowd-free experience. That’s how we got our smattering of history: saw the Roman Forum, statue of Marcus Aurelius, St Peter’s Square.

Of course there’s much more to see in this beautiful city, but the ultimate goal of our trip to Rome is to get a glimpse of the future, not the past.

Setting everything up


Today, after making our way through the traffic, we spent a few hours at Sapienza, the venue of Maker Faire Rome 2015, preparing our stand in pavilion G. For the next three days, Rome will be the center of the Maker world and we’ll be there to cover it all, capisce?

Don’t miss out, follow us closely on Twitter @mikroel, or through #MRF15, the official hashtag of the event.

Richard’s workshop tomorrow

If you’re there, drop by our stand for a chance to win some special new hardware (more details tomorrow). Also, our University Program Manager Richard Lowe (the Libstock award winner, remember?) will host a workshop “Sensor Buffets for Arduino” (from 3 to 4 PM in Room 30).

Here’s the description of the workshop:

“150+ ways to untether your Arduino from the restrictions of shields. By adding the power of mikroBUS™ to your ARM based Arduino you unleash those bottled up creative inhibitions. This new freedom allows for at least 150^4 combinations. Let the monster loose.”

Then on Saturday, our Product Manager Aleksandar hosts another workshop. More details to follow.

Yours sincerely,

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