Preparing for a productive year ahead, with your help.

Make a wish for a new click

We released almost 100 click boards™ in 2015 and we are not intent on slowing down. Help us set our sights for the next 51 weeks. Tell us what type of click board™ would you want to see us make this year.

To remind you, last year we ran a similar survey disguised as a guessing game, and then proceeded to release two of the top three most requested boards. So we do take these replies into serious consideration.

If you’re into feedback mode and would like to make an impact on our work, you can also check yesterday’s question, about the new navigation. If you’re among those who already did: thanks for the constructive replies.

Of course, you’re not limited to one entry. More is better. Give us a brief description or even specify an IC/module if you have it.

Yours sincerely,

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