Magneto click is a contactless magnetic 360º angle position sensor. It’s similar to Angle click from last week, but has a superhero name because of better features.

Magneto click

The chip that drives Magneto is the high accuracy AS5048A. If the external MCU takes on the tasks of linearization and averaging, it can be precise down to 0.05 of a degree, in 14-bit resolution (compared to Angle click’s 12-bit).

The high bitrate would be useless if the sensor was suspectible to noise, but this one isn’t – it’s tolerant to misalignments, air gap variations, temperature variations, even stray magnetic fields.

Robotic joint positioning, industrial motor position control, electronic power steering, digital potentiometers – these are just some of the applications where Magneto click can be employed for. In our own example, we imagined it was for controlling a rudder.


Other differences compared to Angle is that Magneto click has an SPI interface, with an additional PWM to output absolute position information. Magneto click also uses a 5V power supply only, whereas Angle can do both 3.3V or 5V.

So there you have it, two solutions for angle measurement. One more cost-effective (Angle click), other more accurate (Magneto). If you’re interested in accuracy, more details on Magneto click on the product page. The Libstock library is also prepared.

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