Another third party adoption of mikroBUS™ and click boards.

Better World kit for exploring Mira with click boards

LumenRadio from Sweden included click boards™ in their “Better World” evaluation kit for exploring the possibilities of Mira – a wireless standard for IoT that uses the world wide license-free 2.4 GHz ISM band.

Mira is a platform for creating self-healing multi-hop networked systems. According to LumenRadio it allows you to create “a mesh network with unprecedented scalability and reliability to an unlimited number of nodes.” Another stated advantage of Mira is that it’s supposed to be easy to configure and deploy in heavily congested radio environments.

click boards™ were included in the kit to allow engineers to experiment. To offer an easy way to quickly set up systems and move sensor readings through the MIRA mesh network.

We asked LumenRadio why they picked click boards™ for the kit: We choose click boards because it´s a quick way to prototype your ideas and we chose these specific boards for the Better World Kit because we wanted to show the wide range of application areas. We have now also made application examples for each click board in the Better World Kit.

See more at LumenRadio’s website.

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