And by pure coincidence, our CEO Neb came to work today dressed like Steve Jobs.


Call it throwback Thursday, but the fact is we’ve been busy making all sorts of announcements—most notably the release of Wunderbar and the launch of Flowpaw on Kickstarter—that we neglected to mention—it somehow slipped through the cracks—that our friend Lucio Di Jasio made a mikromedia bootloader for OS X.

“I love the bootloader that comes with MikroElektronika products, and in particular the mikromedia boards,” wrote Lucio on his blog, “but for one thing… it does not run on my platform of choice: OS X.”

Lucio then goes on and he explains how everything works in detail, and shares the code via a bitbucket repository. The application runs both in command line mode and GUI mode. Currently it supports mikromedia for PIC24 only, but you’re invited to improve it and expand it.

On a separate, but also Steve Jobs-related note*, Robert (AKA Megahurts), member of our forums nailed the description of our workplace in an email the other day:

I think its awesome the things you guys are coming out with and that you’re always busy at it. I have this image in my head that working [in MikroE] is a lot like working for PIXAR Studios, they also take great pride in keeping work and the workplace as fun as possible.

That’s spot on. It’s also flattering, Pixar Animations is a great company.

So you see, even though Lucio’s project deserved to be mentioned earlier, you can still be sure that more timely exciting announcements and news from us are coming up in the future. We’re quite busy, but we try to keep you informed and do our best to give you a portrayal of what it’s like in MikroElektronika.

Also, stay tuned for Roberts Element 14 roadtest review, featuring some of our boards.

Yours sincerely,

*for those of you who didn’t know, Jobs was one of the co-founders, and CEO of Pixar

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