As far as IoT-suitable wireless technologies go, LoRa ticks off all the right boxes: long range, low power, high network capacity. And now with LoRa RF click, it’s at home on all kinds of development platforms.

LoRa click

Extending the IoT vision to encompass not only smart homes, but smart cities, requires a wide area network – similar to GSM – but with lower power requirements. BLE is low powered – but the range is not wide enough. And not to mention, the eventual solution that comes by has to be cost-effective to implement.

One of the possible answers comes in the form of LoRa – the low power wide area network endorsed by the LoRa® alliance.

It utilizes a spread spectrum modulation of the Sub-GHz band to support a range of more than 15km (in suburban or rural areas) or more than 5 km in urban areas.

LoRa RF click carries Microchip’s RN2483 fully certified LoRa Sub-GHz, 433/868 MHz European R&TTE Directive Assessed Radio Modem.

It embeds a LoRaWAN™ Class A stack, which is for bidirectional end devices. It allows each uplink transmission to be followed by receive windows for acknowledgment or optional downlink transmissions.

The click has two antenna connectors (for choosing between 433MHz or 868MHz bands. Similarly, a jumper lets you switch between a 3.3V or 5V power supply.

More details on the product page. The Libstock example is also ready.


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