We did some reshuffling to speed up the release of VisualTFT. Today, PIC32 compilers get a small update, whilst the bigger upgrade with new features is rescheduled.


To be able to use the new upcoming version of VisualTFT, you’ll need to update whichever compiler you use, as the two are interconnected. Over the last few months we updated all of them*, introducing the same set of features across the entire line-up.

As an overview to what was updated specifically for each compiler, here are links to previous news posts:

July 9, FT90x compilers
July 14, AVR compilers
July 27, dsPIC compilers
July 22, ARM compilers
July 30, PIC compilers

So, next software update on the list is VisaulTFT, with some new features you’re bound to like. After that, PIC32 compilers get a new release.

Yours sincerely,

*All compilers with the exception of 8051, since those don’t support TFTs

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