We’re entering the final straightaway before the finish line, our software department is furiously coding and testing. Only PIC compilers left to update and we’re starting with dsPIC compilers. After that, everything will be ready for the new release of VisualTFT.

dsPIC compilers

Like with previous compiler updates, you get all the perks we’ve been working on in the past year or so. No IDE has this set of features.

This is perhaps the most comprehensive list of updates. While other compilers received incremental updates, dsPIC gets them in one big swath. From Project Explorer and Library Manager improvements, to wild card in code completion, synchronized editing, and adding local variables by identifier.

No need to explain it all again as you already saw what’s it all about back when we published the new release of PIC compilers. Or if you followed the news of other compiler updates lately.

As always, to update, go to: Help->Check for updates within your dsPIC compiler.

Yours sincerely,

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