Keeping the momentum going, today we’re updating mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal for AVR.

AVR Compilers live update 6.1.1.

This live update brings all three AVR compilers to version 6.1.1. As with FT90x from the other day, the update includes support for features that’ll be included in the upcoming new version of VisualTFT. We’re also introducing a simpler licensing model but that’s a story for later.

While at it, we snuck in “synchronized editing” in this live update, a neat feature that you may have seen in the last update of PIC compilers.

With synchronized editing, you can change a variable name in one place, and the changes will be automatically applied throughout the code. Here’s a short clip on how the feature works:


You can also rename files directly from the Project Manager now, and new files are automatically added to projects (another nifty pair of features that we started introducing this year).

As always, get the update from the drop down menu in your compiler: Help->Check for updates.

Yours sincerely,

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