Latest Live Update 3.3.3. of PIC32 compilers is here. Make sure to update your compiler to get new features and improvements.

Live Update 3.3.3. for PIC32 compilers released

We have supported a new Touch Panel Controller found on the hot new mikromedia plus for PIC32MX7 via Touch Panel STMPE610 library. It works through I2C interface. Library for the new ILI9341 TFT controller is added as well. I2C Library now has universal routines, just like SPI Library. You can just use the Set Active function to select which I2C module you want to use, and then call these new universal routines. This dramatically cuts coding time when you want to switch to another I2C module in your application. We have implemented support for Hardware MAC Address on ENC24J600 Ethernet module. Ethernet_Init is no longer a blocking function. In PortExpander Library new routines are added, so you can now work with each single PORT pin.

We’ve added new sets of examples for mikromedia Plus for PIC32MX7 and mikromedia for PIC32 9A (with new display MI0283QT_9A).

Minor improvements have been made in IDE, as well as ADC, Conversions, PS2 and USB libraries.

From this release, besides updating using Help->Check for updates option in your compiler you can also download complete setups for mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal for PIC32. Receive all updates and improvements right away!

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