It’s time to give your products the right enclosure.

Special Offer - Ready for PIC with FREE CASING!

Do you have a cool idea for a summer PIC project for your home? Do you want it to be almost like a finished product with casing and stuff? Do you want to make it clean and tidy, and don’t want wires hanging out all over the place? Well, we just might have a perfect thing for you!

From August 7th to August 17th, we give away a professional plastic casing FOR FREE with each purchase of Ready for PIC board! Buy the bundle for only $29 and save fantastic $15!

Ready for PIC is the best solution for fast and simple development of microcontroller applications using 40-pin PIC MCUs. It comes with PIC18F45K22 connected to 8MHz crystal oscillator. It contains four IDC10 headers for all available microcontroller ports, USB-UART module, prototyping area and a power supply circuit. Just enough to get you started.

Yours sincerely,

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