Libstock website is almost a year old, and it already set a new record. This is the week when Libstock got it’s 300th code!

Libstock's got over 300 codes!

It started as simple idea. We wanted to provide users the website which is free of charge to put and download projects, libraries and other codes and applications. To share their achievements, help each other and make the entire community stronger. Everything that forum alone can’s fully handle. We never knew that it would grow to be this successful.

Each time a new code is posted, we in mikroElektronika rush to download it and see what is it about. It’s especially fun when users add blog and images with cool videos that demonstrate what’s inside the package. We do know that we are not only ones that feel this way.

Libstock has earned it’s reputation as an excellent source for various code solutions. We decided to put some of our exclusive libraries there too, like: Network Ethernet Library, FAT32 library and the latest one – Network WiFi Library.

There are dozens of serious engineering projects and libraries: Dany’s PID Library, Jacob’s MP3 Player, FreeRTOS port for STM32, Julio’s Serial Servo Controller, Alcides’ AC Voltage Regulator, Peter’s Motor Control and more.

There are fun multimedia projects as well, like Thomas’ Multimedia Streaming Client, Andrew’s SnowBurst Game, Serge’s Video Poker Game and Dane’s Fifteen Game.

And there are twenty times more projects and libraries on Libstock. So if you have spear time, feel feel to drop by and see if you can find the one you need in your current work. Don’t reinvent the wheel, make sure to have fast time to market and use the shared experience and knowledge of other community members. This is what Libstock is all about.

Yours sincerely,

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