After just five months being online, Libstock community website has reached 200th posted code. When you go though each and every code, you’ll really see how much great projects and libraries you may find there.

Libstock's 200th code posted!

Now, after only five months, you can find 42 libraries, such as Network Ethernet Library with TCP/IP support, FAT32 library, PID library, Ultrasonic sensor (RANGE FINDER) library, USB library and much more. There are 114 projects, including games, mp3 players, CAN communication projects, Servo control projects and more. There are also 9 Visual TFT and Visual GLCD projects and  35 examples, most of which are for Click boards and mikromedia boards.

Libstock started as an idea two years ago, in the same time as the Package Manager software. We wanted to develop an infrastructure, means for the community for sharing their projects and libraries. We wanted to enable you to have it all in one place, grouped in categories, with search and filtering mechanisms. As the idea developed, we added blog feature, version control, rating, subscribing and other features as well. But probably most distinctive was the ability for the people to communicate and get to know each other through user profiles. You can put your photo and share as much personal information as you feel comfortable.

But that’s just a part of what we’ve done. Request code section allows anyone to say what projects and libraries they would like to see on Libstock, and developers can use this information as a motivation for writing code. We also introduced sections with top contributors and most downloaded codes, so we can inspire a spark of competition among top developers.

From the early days of Libstock development, we asked the community to help us with the ideas that, if implemented, will benefit themselves the most. It was a fiery debate on forum, and several good ones we managed to implement in the first version.

Believe it or not, in the first two weeks, Libstock was filled with 100 codes, and had about a 16,000 visitors and 67,000 pageviews. That is probably one of the biggest successes among similar websites.

Libstock is in constant motion. You may not see it, but we actively think about what we can do to make it much better in the next revision. And have accumulated bunch of ideas. Your contributions are much valuable to us, also.

To say it all in numbers, in it’s entire 5 month history Libstock had over 30,000 visitors, almost 265,000 pageviews there are 1,121 registered users, there were over 57,000 downloads. Visit Libstock now, and contribute to entire community today.

Yours sincerely,

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