Today is the third anniversary of Libstock, our coders’ community.

Libstock turns three

To mark the anniversary, we had a special guest to raise the Libstock flag in front of our building: Lo and behold, it’s Libstock Award Winner Richard Lowe!

In three years Libstock amassed more than 850 pieces of code. That’s more than 20 submissions a month. Almost every day you were uploading new examples, projects and libraries for your fellow coders.

And it’s not just the rate of submissions that brings value to the community: the chance to meet people, ask questions and learn something new is a big part of it.

To put it plainly, we’re making friends over Libstock.

Take Richard. Besides being one of our top Libstock contributors, and a college Computer Science professor in Oregon, today we learned that he’s a great person and a fun guy to hang out with.

But he didn’t fly over half the globe just for a two-minute flag raising ceremony. It’s really a coincidence that his and his wife’s visit coincided with Libstock’s anniversary. The real reason behind his visit is because we’re cooking up some big plans together.

Yours sincerely,

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