After just 14 days of life, Libstock website got it’s 100th code today. No, you can’t buy him candy for present, but you can give him your libraries and projects if you want, ’cause that’s what Libstock is all about. Great job, people!

Libstock’s popularity raises every day. It’s a hot new community thing. It has been visited by over 16,000 visitors in this short period, with nearly 67,000 pageviews. mikroElektronika Team contributed with 11 codes, and 4 exclusive libraries: Conversions, External Memory, Network Ethernet Library (with TCP/IP stack) and FAT32 libraries.

You can find really good libraries there, and most useful projects. But there are also a few video games and fun applications too.

If you haven’t yet heard of Libstock, don’t wait a moment more to go there and join the rest of community. You might find exactly what you are searching for!

Libstock's First 100 Codes!
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