As our contribution to the community, mikroElektronika library developers have exclusively shared two hot new libraries: FAT32 library, and Network Ethernet Library with TCP/IP stack support. They are only to be available and maintained on Libstock, which gives us the ability to have more frequent updates independent from compiler releases.

Both libraries are very powerful. FAT32 brings loads of new features, such as directory listing, file seek, copy, rename and delete routines and support for SD cards.

Network Ethernet, on the other hand, brings package fragmentation, multiple socket handling, TCP client implementation and TCP/IP stack support. You can build websites of unlimited size, and library will handle your connections automatically.

Libraries are provided in Package Manager format, and are installed with a single click of the install button. All dependencies and definition files for target compilers will be updated automatically. We invite you to visit Libstock website and try them out now!

Libstock exclusive: FAT32 and Network Ethernet Libraries
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