Our rechargeable Li-Polymer 2000mAh battery is there to make sure all your favorite devices are charged. With the new package design, we wanted to make sure each one is carefully packed, stacked, and shipped your way.

These light-weight batteries are a great choice for small electronic devices. Maybe you didn’t know, but you are using them all the time. In your laptop, e-book reader, alarm system, digital camera, mobile phone, and more.

Charger click

If you need a battery charger and battery charge monitor, look no further that the Charger click. There are two chips onboard the click. The smaller chip is the MCP73831, a miniature single-cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer charge management controller. The larger IC is the DS2438, a smart battery monitor.

Check out the video on the product page, to see how it works.

clicker 2 – a standalone device

These small development boards have a Li-Polymer battery connector. You can even charge the battery over the onboard USB port. An LTC®3586-2 power management IC enables that. This makes your clicker 2 development board a standalone device.

mikromedia development boards

Our mikromedia development boards have a Li-Polymer battery connector as well. You can charge the battery over the onboard USB connection. The LED diode indicates when the battery is charging.

Build amazing user interfaces and menus, and test them out right away.

For more information about the battery, visit the product page.

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