A few click boards make a cameo appearance in a promo video for WeBee, a home automation product.



WeBee is a home automation system that got a lot of shine a few months ago. It’s a crowd-funded IndieGoGo project that got press and blog coverage from sites like CNNMoney and Lifehack. We just heard about it a few days ago. They had a neat promo video we enjoyed. We were especially delighted to see some click boards making a cameo appearance.

See, while you’re sleeping, eating, or just doing stuff, there’s literally hundreds of thousands of fellow engineers working on ideas and technologies that will make your every-day life better, easier, more convenient.

Who’s working on making it easier and more convenient for those engineers?

That’s our job.

MikroElektronika is here to support your vision and ideas. If we’ve made an impact, get in touch with us. Let us know what you’re working on. Yes, we’re primarily here to provide you with development tools, but we’re open to all kinds of collaborations.

Just scroll through our news archives and see some of the projects we’ve been involved in.

Check out the WeeBee promo video and visit their web site and IndieGoGo page. That could be you tomorrow:

Yours sincerely,

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