See this video and you won’t have to flip the light switch with your nose the next time you enter your home with hands full of grocery bags.


The most obvious application of the SpeakUp, our speech recognition click board, is to pair it with a relay click to turn electric appliances on and off. Yet we never actually showed it to you because we were busy driving buggies, watching movies and playing chess in our other Speakup demos.

But used as a light switch, the SpeakUp eliminates real pain points – toes stubbed into coffee tables while searching for switches in dark rooms for example. Or the above-described grocery bag conundrum. Not to mention the dexterity needed to hit a light switch with a slipper from across the room where your bed is.

Well, you can forget about all that now:

Employing the SpeakUp as a light switch is a simple set-up because its onboard STM32 ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCU enables it to work as a standalone device. You just have to solder a relay click, then connect wires to the screw terminals.

Configuring the SpeakUp takes about a minute (just use the free software tool). You should consider recording multiple commands like “lights on,” “turn on the lights,” “lights please,” “ouch, my toe!” and assigning them to the same IO pin, to cover a variety of usage scenarios.

Since this is a Let’s Make project, you can get the SpeakUp and a relay click (+ USB cable and stacking headers) for $54. And of course you’re not limited to lights, you can use it as a switch for all kinds of electrical appliances. See the details on Libstock.

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